Press Release

We are excited to announce that today marks the first day of the strategic alliance of two of the leading London-based professional services organisations, ANDigital and YLD. The alliance will enable us to serve our clients better, as well as provide a greater source of expertise and learning for our people. Both YLD and ANDigital share the same ambitious goals for growth, have a challenger brand mentality and a strong learning culture for our people — so it is a perfect match on many fronts.


After working together on several successful client projects, we have decided to formalise our business relationship starting today. By working more closely together on our clients and internally, whilst staying independent and focused, we can do more for our clients, provide more opportunities for people and have a much bigger impact in the digital and technology professional services marketplace.   


About ANDigital


ANDigital is a new type of digital delivery professional service company. We are excited to call big name brands such as Whitbread, ASOS, Halfords and Talk Talk our fans, as we have helped them reach their digital aspirations.

We help clients in three ways; first we transform their digital delivery functions, second, we provide additional super-powered people into those teams and lastly, we upskill the client’s’ permanent team members through our Academy. Simple.

In less than 3 years, ANDigital has grown to over 150 people and become a top 100 best small company to work for, amongst many other awards and recognition. This is all on the back of unique organisation and growth model that achieves the best of small AND large organisations!


About YLD


YLD brings open source technologies and a collaborative culture to the largest companies in London. We advise our clients on the of right technologies available to help them win.  

We aim to create a long standing engineering culture and delivery capability in each piece of work. We don’t stop until we get there. Our passion and determination are unbound.

YLD is one of London’s largest growing companies over the past 3 years and have worked alongside some of the best digital businesses in London like The Trainline, The Economist or Hive Active Heating.